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JOIN SCI-FLINT’S, first of its kind, Mentorship Program

How did you get into hunting & fishing?

Did you have a father, uncle, neighbor, friends parents, etc who took you hunting for the first time? Did they help educate you on what we were doing and why? Stop & think about how you really got into hunting. If you had a mentor, which most of us did, you were extremely lucky. The fact is, hunting across the world is declining. The number of youth hunters in the U.S. has declined by 40% since the 1980s.  It serves as a warning that, if the trend continues, hunting may become a lost art in the future. To SCI Flint, this is a call to action for those who care about protecting the sport and traditions we hold close to our heart. We MUST take the necessary steps to ensure that the next generation of hunters is not lost. 

This program is designed to connect experienced hunters, trappers, anglers, etc. with people of all ages and experience levels who are looking to learn and grow in the outdoor community. SCI Flint members were sitting in the convention halls at the 2022 International Convention in Las Vegas when we heard retired Navy SEAL and Medal of Honor recipient Master Chief Petty Officer Edward Byers talk about how he had become a decorated Navy SEAL and was extremely comfortable with firearms, but had never had the chance to experience hunting game animals. This story stuck with us, because so many people assume that others had similar opportunities as themselves, a family member (aka mentor) taking them hunting. We need to remember, not everyone has the same opportunities and we need to actively help provide those to others. 

SCI Flint looks to be the leaders in education and conservation, so we are proud to be the chapter founding this program.



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