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Safari Club of Flint is Celebrating 34 years of Commitment to Conservation, Protecting the Right to Hunt and Education. SCI International Awards received during our 34 years are shown on this page and a brief description of the criteria the chapter must meet is on this page.

SCI-Flint Top Gun Chapter Of the Year Two Years in a Row

Past Awards and Recognition

1999 – Chapter of the Year from SCI International

2001 – Top Gun Chapter of the Year

2001 – Program of the Year

2003 – Newsletter of the Year Award for Chapters with over 250 members

2004 – Diamond Conservation Award, Recognizing SCI Flint’s outstanding efforts in conservation

2004 -2005 – Overall Publication Award, Recognizes the Best Printed and Published newsletters, award publications, and fundraiser books by any of the 270 International Chapters

2005 – Top Gun Chapter of the Year

2005 – Best Overall Publication Award

2006 – Top Gun Chapter of the Year

2006 – Website Bronze Award

2007 – Chapter Fundraising Publication Award

2007 – Website Award

2007 – Chapter Newsletter Award

2007 – Best Overall Publication Award

2008 – Chapter of the Year Award: By size, 251 members and over

2008 – First Place Publication Award, Fundraiser Program Group 4

2008 – First Place Newsletter Award, Newsletter Group 4

2009 – Top Gun Chapter of the Year

2009 – Best Overall Publication Award

2010 – Chapter of the Year Award

2010 – Newsletter of the Year

2011 – Newsletter of the Year

2011 – Website – 2nd place

2011 – Fundraising Program of the Year – runner-up

2011 – First Place Newsletter Award, Newsletter Group 2

2012 – First Place Newsletter Award, Newsletter Group 2

2013 – Chapter of the Year Award

2013 – Newsletter of the Year Award

2014 – Newsletter of the Year Award

2014 – Fundraising Program of the Year

2015 – Fundraising Program of the Year

2016 – Chapter of the Year

2016 – Diamond Conservation

2016 – Newsletter Award

2016 – Fundraiser Program of the Year

2017- Newsletter of the Year Award

2017- Top Gun Chapter of the Year

Top Gun Chapter Award:

  • Constant/continual membership growth patterns.
  • 30% required met in truth
  • Active in SCI Humanitarian Programs-all.
  • Supports the AWLS ranch and the International Museum with: Donations, Money Donations, Manpower for work weekends
  • Is active with local legislators.
  • Has created and implemented an unusual program that will benefit, educate, youth, women, community or other sportsmen’s groups.
  • Reaches out to the community in time of crisis with helping hands.
  • Has created a program, camp, educational program and supports it with finances and or manpower that reach other sources besides that of our own SCI membership or programs.
  • Puts SCI in the limelight through publicity, such as TV, radio, or video programs, ads, promotions.

Diamond Conservation Award 2004:

  • A chapter who has done a project in their state or community that achieves the conservation and protection of wildlife, habitat, and environs.
  • A chapter who has promoted the importance of the hunting community in conservation.
  • A chapter who has joined a coalition within their state or community of other sportsmen groups to achieve a goal of conservation.
  • A chapter who has joined forces with the local Game Commission in projects concerning conservation.
    Excelling in one area will allow the chapter to be in compliance with the criteria.

Chapter of the Year Award 1999, 2008 2010 & 2013:

  • Full compliance with Board Rules and Regulations
  • History and track record of compliance with SCI Board rules.
  • Board of Directors meetings attendance and participation
  • Special and unique programs.
  • Manpower, growth, fundraising, idea and financial contributions to SCI objectives.

Special congratulations to the members that serve on the Board of Directors and our members of SCI-Flint Regional Chapter. Thank you to our Legislative Representatives and International Directors-At-Large that dedicated their time and efforts to bring International and State recognition to our chapter. Thank you to the Chapter Presidents that took the responsibility to lead and guide this chapter to where we are today. Thank you our members… without you and your support this would not be possible. Be proud of your membership and invite others to join this Award Winning Chapter! May you all be blessed with good and safe hunting!


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